About Amy

Amy has a passion for coaching. As a long time athlete and athletic coach, she believes that everyone has the ability to succeed with the right guidance, encouragement, and hard work. She has combined her love for learning & research and business & finance, into a coaching platform with YOU, the client, at the heart! Amy thrives on relationships and the impact that like-mindedness can have in accomplishing goals and delivering financial freedom.

Amy finds it gratifying to help clients and their families improve their lives through proven financial frameworks, encouragement, and guidance. Amy challenges her clients to develop new mindsets around money and to overcome the taboo that talking about money is impolite. It is crucial to take this journey with others who will lead you forward.

Amy shares the same financial tactics she and her husband Nathan used to accomplish their financial goals and live debt-free. Amy understands the sacrifice and discipline this journey takes, but also the rewards reaped.

Amy and Nathan have three beautiful children, Kason, Gracie, and Adley. When not working Amy enjoys running, reading, family time, coffee dates with friends, and lake trips.

About Three Cords Financial

Three Cords Financial is a financial wellness coaching business customized around the needs of You, the client.


Three Cords Financial understands your financial situation is unlike anyone else’s. We customize a financial plan to get you on your road to financial independence faster. We will be alongside you the entire way providing the tools and tactics you need.

Our purpose at Three Cords Financial is…

Our Core Values

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Give Back

When you invest in your financial journey, you’re also creating meaningful change in our community. With every service you purchase, you support a person in need or local cause.

Joyful generosity can change the world, it starts with each one of us!

Plan ahead with your money, ditch debt,
and gain financial freedom

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